Upcoming Events

Hearing Loss Association of America‘s national office holds occasional webinars and Zoom meetings/workshops.
These events along with the HLAA Veterans Across America Virtual Chapter Meetings are posted on the HLAA calendar of events found at: https://www.hearingloss.org/programs-events/calendar/

HLAA Virtual Meeting Recordings – You can view recordings of past HLAA virtual meetings at:

HLAA Webinar Recordings – You can view recordings of past HLAA webinars at: https://www.hearingloss.org/programs-events/webinars/schedule-recordings/

Here are more upcoming virtual events:

  • Saturday November 14 at 4pm: HLAA Virtual Meeting hosted by HLAA California Association – “Surviving the Holidays with Hearing Loss?”
  • Tuesday November 17 at 8pm: HLAA Veterans Across America – “What’s in your Hearing Rucksack?”
  • Wednesday November 18 at 4pm: HLAA Plymouth Chapter – “A Life in Music Lost and Found”
  • Saturday December 5 at 4pm: Hear at Boston Chapter – “Holiday ‘HAT’ Check”

Saturday November 14: 4pm (Eastern Time)

HLAA California State Association virtual meeting

“Surviving the Holidays with Hearing Loss?”

Speaker: Alison Freeman

Join our next virtual meeting to learn some tips and strategies on how to deal with hearing loss during the holidays ahead. Speaker Alison Freeman, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist who works part-time at California State University at Northridge (CSUN) with both hearing and hard of hearing/deaf/Deaf students. She also has a private practice and is doing teletherapy during the pandemic. She has had a severe hearing loss since early childhood, was orally trained, and is a long-time member of HLAA (she knew Founder Rocky Stone!).

Register at

Tuesday November 17: 8pm (Eastern Time)

HLAA Veterans Across America virtual meeting

“What’s in your Hearing Rucksack?”

Speaker: Juliette Sterkens

Most people with hearing loss will say they can hear just fine but that they have difficulty understanding speech, particularly in background noise, watching TV or while attending religious services, a lecture or theater performances even when using the most modern, up-to-date hearing aids. This lecture will go beyond hearing aids and will help you become an informed consumer to get the hearing care and technology from the VA that will work for you.

Juliëtte Sterkens is the HLAA Hearing Loop Advocate and professional advisor to HLAA on Hearing Loop Technology.

Register at https://hearingloss.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJIvd-CsqDwoGtSVn_cj_-_0z-ILml_2RRLt

Wednesday November 18: 4:00 – 5:30 pm (Eastern Time)

HLAA Plymouth Chapter virtual meeting

“A Life in Music Lost and Found”

Speaker: Betty Hauck

Betty Hauck, who was supposed to perform with the violin and viola for our chapter at the Plymouth Public Library, on March 18, 2020 (just before the pandemic started), will be talking A LIFE IN MUSIC LOST & FOUND: My Journey as a Musician with Hearing Loss. Betty was featured in an NPR story about musicians and hearing loss, which was reprised as a favorite story of 2018.


Contact Sandy Spekman (sspekman@gmail.com) to request the link.

Saturday December 5: 4pm (Eastern Time)

HLAA Boston Chapter (Hear at Boston) virtual meeting

“Holiday ‘HAT’ Check”

Tools to help you live with hearing loss – bring and share a favorite device that helps you with safety, stress, and relates to hearing loss.

Join Zoom Meeting at https://newton-k12-ma-us.zoom.us/j/83583808626

Upcoming – Time and Date to be Determined

Topic: Introduction to Cochlear Implants – Speaker: Caitlin Agreda, Au.D., CCC-A Audiologist UMass Memorial Medical Center

Topic: How to Choose a Cochlear Implant Vendor – Speaker: Ellen Perkins and Barbara Johnson

This program is designed for people who are curious about cochlear implants as a potential solution or just interested in learning what they are about.  Caitlin will present an introduction to cochlear implants focusing on what a cochlear implant is, how it works, and what the process is. Ellen and Barbara will then reprise their popular presentation on how to navigate the vendor promotional fluff and understand the offerings of the 3 cochlear implant manufacturers.

Upcoming – Time and Date to be Determined

Topic: Are You Listening?

Speaker: Darleen Wilson

The guest speaker will be Ms. Darleen Wilson.  Ms. Wilson is a life-long musician and is actively dealing with the consequences of her own moderate-severe hearing loss. Convinced that there are better solutions for hearing technologies, Wilson undertook a Masters in Human Factors to expand her perspective on product design. She focuses her work on improving hearing products and services.  Wilson serves on the Audiology Leadership Advisory Council for Mass. Eye and Ear (a teaching hospital for Harvard Medical School).

All meetings will be held at the Northborough Library. There will be CART (computer aided real time captioning).

HLAA North of Boston On-going Support GroupMain Street Wakefield, Massachusetts

3rd Wednesday-of-the-month Peer Support Meeting 

3rd Wednesday of every month
at 11:00 AM
Lucius Beebe Memorial Library (2nd floor)
345 Main Street, Wakefield

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – Open Chapter  Meetings

When:  Monthly on the third Thursday of every month into 2022.
1:00 pm to 2:00 pm – Eastern Standard Time
Where:  From Oklahoma City, OK, and presented through Zoom.

Organizer: Central OK Chapter okhearingloss@gmail.com 4056405152
Description:  Come Zoom with OKC! Our amazing monthly meetings have gone virtual and we hope to be a helpful online resource during this difficult time. Each month we host informative lectures and Q&As on a variety of hearing loss topics. We keep it pretty casual because hearing loss is real and we should be too.  We meet on the 3rd Thursday of each month from 12-1:00pm Central Time. (11:30-12:00 meet and greet)

EMAIL ANA at okhearingloss@gmail.com for your invitation which you are welcome to share privately with your chapter (just don’t post it online) as well as anyone with two ears 👂 We love visitors so see y’all there!

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