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Webinar-Taking Charge in 2020 and Beyond – Sept. 30, 2020

Health Care, Hearing Loss and Communication Challenges:

Taking Charge in 2020 and Beyond

Webinar Wednesday, September 30, 6:30-7:30 p.m. (EDT)

Doctor and patient wearing face masks

Keeping up with our health and wellness is important, even in a pandemic. Current safety requirements, such as wearing face masks, restrictions placed on companions and visitors, virtual or phone instead of in-person visits and other barriers can make communication more difficult for people with hearing loss.

Webinar Description

Please join The Center for Hearing and Communication (CDC, ) on September 30th for Health Care, Hearing Loss and Communication Challenges: Taking Charge in 2020 and Beyond – a dynamic discussion about our changing health care system and how to navigate it with a hearing loss. We will include perspective and guidance from patients and a physician who uses two cochlear implants.

Learn insider tips and strategies to access effective communication during your virtual and in-person appointments, including what to say and do when things don’t go well or as planned. This program will cover a range of accessibility tools, technology and smartphone apps and will detail real-world scenarios you can use in different situations to optimize your health care experience. Discussion followed by Q&A.

Real-time captioning and ASL interpreter provided.

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Dr. Nancy RennertNancy J. Rennert, MD

Dr Nancy J. Rennert is System Chief of Diabetes Care, Nuvance Health, Chief of Endocrinology and Diabetes, Norwalk Hospital and Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine at Yale School of Medicine and The University of Vermont Larner College of Medicine. Her leadership of the multi-hospital Glycemic Care Team, which aligns clinical care with quality improvement, has been recognized nationally. Dr Rennert has extensive experience in medical school admissions, fellowship, residency and medical student training and mentorship for quality improvement and clinical research. She has a longstanding, deep commitment to care for the underserved and marginalized at a Federally Qualified Community Health Center in Connecticut. While pregnant with her third child, Dr Rennert experienced sudden and profound bilateral deafness and uses two cochlear implants. She has been a member of the Association of Medical Professionals with Hearing Loss (AMPHL) since its founding, published on stethoscope use and mentors aspiring and early career hearing impaired medical professionals. She is passionate about health care access, quality and equity and is looking forward to sharing insights from her professional and personal experiences.

Carolyn Ginsburg Stern, MBA

Carolyn Stern is the assistant director of outreach and strategic initiatives at the Center for Hearing and Communication (CHC). As a bilateral cochlear implant user, she helps others hear and connect better with tips, technical information and support and is passionate about the role of healthy hearing in helping people lead productive and connected lives. Carolyn earned her BA from Northwestern University and MBA from Columbia University’s School of Business.

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We look forward to connecting with you Wednesday, September 30, from 6:30-7:30 p.m. (EDT) at Health Care, Hearing Loss and Communication Challenges: Taking Charge in 2020 and Beyond.

Learn More About the Issue

To learn more about the communication challenges people with hearing loss face in this age of face masks and social distancing, check out Carolyn Stern’s blog post on Hearing Well in Health Care Visits is a New Challenge.

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