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How to Choose Your Cochlear Implant Vendor-May 19, 2018

cochlearimplantSaturday, May 19, 2018   10:00 am– 12:00 noon at the Northborough Free Library

The Hearing Loss Association-Central Massachusetts Chapter is sponsoring a presentation for hard-of-hearing people considering a cochlear implant:  How to Choose Your Cochlear Implant Vendor.

Barbara Johnson

Barbara Johnson

Barbara Johnson and Ellen Perkins are both cochlear implant (CI) users but with very different hearing loss histories. They will describe their hearing loss diagnoses, treatments and experiences

Ellen Perkins

Ellen Perkins

growing up with hearing loss.

At a certain point, each of these women decided to go with a cochlear implant. What led each of them to decide a CI was the right choice? How did each of them approach the process of selecting a CI vendor? The vendor decision is one of the most challenging aspects of the early CI journey for many people. This workshop will provide helpful information and guidelines on how to approach the vendor selection process.  While no one can make a decision for you, the presenters feel the best course of action is to do your research regarding manufacturers, the technology they offer, and especially to talk with other cochlear implant users to hear firsthand experiences.

Please come and bring your questions and thoughts. CART (Computer Aided Real Time Captioning) will be provided.   Light refreshments will also be provided.

First Timers Welcome… just show up!

There is ample free parking at the Northborough Library.   However, your GPS will bring you to the front of the library, where there is no parking. The parking lot is behind the library, accessed via Patty Lane. For more information please visit

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