Posted by: hlacentralma | November 12, 2017

Massachusetts Legislation – HEALTH Act Amendment

Subject: HEALTH Act amendment
The Senate has filed a bill on health care financing reform – S.2202, the HEALTH Act.  The bill and amendments filed as of yesterday will be up for debate tomorrow and Thursday.  Senator Hinds filed two amendments to improve the affordability of hearing aids, both of which were modeled after Rep. Scibak’s filed legislation.

Amendment #28 – Health Care Coverage for Hearing Aids: Mandates all insurance companies to provide health care coverage for adults, at a similar level as the GIC.  The GIC currently provides full coverage for the first $500 and 80% coverage of the next $1,500 in the cost of one aid per hearing-impaired ear every 24 months. Senator Hinds’ amendment proposes the same amount of coverage, but at every 36 months, at the recommendation of the Committee on Financial Services, to align with preexisting law regarding coverage for children.

Amendment #29 – Tax Credit for Hearing Aids: establishes a $500 tax credit for tax filers who are of age 55 or older.

Please feel free to contact the following if there are any  questions or concerns.
Danielle Allard, Esq.
Director of Budget and Policy
Office of Senator Adam Hinds
State House – Room 309, Boston, MA 02133


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