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HLAA in Action

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November 2, 2016
HLAA in Action lets you know what HLAA is doing in the world of advocacy and public policy. Please direct any questions or news to Lise Hamlin, director of public policy.
Advocacy Updates
Apple Responds to the Concerns of People With
Hearing Loss About New iPhone
In the weeks following Apple’s announcement that new iPhones will not
have a headset jack, HLAA received more than one call from people
outraged by the company’s decision. Apple did not consider the impact
removing the jack would have on people with hearing loss who use and
depend on a neckloop or other wired solution to hear audio on the
phone. When we brought this issue to Apple they responded. [Read
New Year of N-CHATT Training Gets Underway!The 2017 Network of Consumer Hearing Assistive Technology Trainers
(N-CHATT) train-the-trainer program kicked off in October. The 14
people in the class of 2017 are eager to learn more about hearing
assistive technology (HAT) and how they can use that knowledge to train
others impacted by hearing loss. We are excited to work with this new
group to expand the reach of N-CHATT.While we are excited about our new class of students,
we certainly haven’t forgotten our pilot class of 2016 graduates.
Several trainers from that class are willing and able to keep on
training people about HAT. You can find out if training is available in
your area and schedule
a session

more about the N-CHATT program


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