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You are invited to the next FM Accessible Tour Museum of Fine Arts Boston

La petite danseuse de quatorze ans French, original model 1878–81, cast after 1921 Edgar Degas (French, 1834–1917)

La petite danseuse de quatorze ans
French, original model 1878–81, cast after 1921
Edgar Degas (French, 1834–1917)

Saturday, August 20 at 10:30am 

Registration begins July 25 and ends August 12.

We’ll focus on the MFA’s extensive collection of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist art. This display was recently expanded from one gallery to three galleries: Monet, Plein Air and Impressionism and Beyond: Urban Life and Escape.

Monet: The MFA boasts one of the largest Claude Monet collections outside France. One gallery is dedicated to Monet, providing an immersive experience of his work from the MFA’s permanent collection and select loans from private collections.

Plein Air: This corridor gallery celebrates painting in the out-of-doors, en plein air, a practice championed by the Impressionists in the late 19th century. It features paintings by Renoir, Sisley, Pissarro and Signac.

Impressionism and Beyond: Urban Life and Escape: The main gallery features a new installation exploring two major themes of late 19th-century French painting. In contrast to the luminous landscapes of Monet, Renoir, and Pissarro, the works of Degas and Caillebotte explored the realities of the modern urban experience in Paris while other artists sought an escape from the instability and expectations of urban life: Gauguin, Van Gogh and Cezanne.

We hope you’ll join us!!


How to Pre-Register for MFA Accessible Guided Tours

Attendance is limited and pre-registration is required by the dates listed for each program.  To pre-register or for more information, email or  phone 617-369-3302.  

When you register, please indicate (in the subject line if you are emailing) the name of the tour and if you would like a neckloop or headset for the tour.

Registered participants will receive a confirmation prior to the date of the tour with entrance and cancellation information.  

Because the Gallery Tour Listening System equipment is reserved for hearing loss support group participants, the equipment is not available to other MFA Boston visitors for drop-in tours.  For that reason, guests of this program are requested to be aware of the the following policies:

Participants who register for accessible tours but cannot attend should note the cancellation policy on the confirmation to ensure that listening equipment is available to other visitors.  

  • Late registrations  cannot be accepted.  
  • Those who have not pre-registered may only join a tour on a standby basis and will be turned away if registration is full.  

Tours will begin promptly at start time.  Attendees should arrive 15 minutes prior to start time.  

Questions?  Contact the museum at or  phone 617-369-3302.


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