Posted by: hlacentralma | April 28, 2016

Caption Massachusetts

caption mass“Caption Massachusetts” is  on Facebook at .

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In its beginning stage, Caption Massachusetts will focus on providing open captioning showtimes at various Massachusetts theaters. It will also provide information on captioned events in the state for plays.

Caption Massachusetts is operated by Evan Brunell. It was inspired by Erik Nordlof’s success with DC Deaf Moviegoers, a similar initiative for the Washington, DC area.

Evan and Erik have founded an organization called the Deaf Access Coalition, the mission statement of which is: “Including the deaf and hard of hearing in mainstream society by creating opportunities for equal access.” More information on DAC will be provided when available.

Caption Massachusetts empowers deaf and hard of hearing people in Massachusetts to attend accessible movies and plays, primarily via open captioning.

Caption Massachusetts focuses on accessibility for all and makes no comment, or judgment, on the communication methods selected by individual deaf people. This is an inclusive environment.

Evan Brunell is a deaf adult living in Central Massachusetts and works as a brand and marketing manager. He has advocated for accessibility his entire life and has successfully lobbied NESN to caption its pre- and post-game sports shows, as well as for HBO to caption its recap sequences (“previously on…”) as well as other victories in providing captioning accessibility.

Evan received the “Outstanding Advocate” award from the Massachusetts Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in 2013, and was honored by the Massachusetts House of Representatives for “excellent and long-standing commitment to advocacy for the deaf and hard of hearing community.” He was also the recipient of Hamilton Relay’s 2014 Better Hearing and Speech Recognition Leadership Award for leadership in “bettering the lives of children who are deaf or hard of hearing.”

Evan was president of Mass A.G. Bell from 2010-2015, and currently serves as past president on the Mass AG Bell board. He also served on the board of directors of the Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Hard of Hearing from 2012-2015, and was chair of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Networking Committee for the 2014 AG Bell convention. He also has served on the board of trustees for Clarke Schools for Hearing and Speech from 2014-2015, and presented at seminars for Clarke School, A.G. Bell, and the New England Cochlear Implant convention.


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