Posted by: hlacentralma | November 15, 2015

Jeff Gordon’s Important Message to NASCAR Fans

Jeff Gordon encourages everyone to Listen Carefully

NASCAR® champion Jeff Gordon is no stranger to winning races and the roar of the crowd. Since his work space is usually made up of loud engines and tens-of-thousands of screaming fans, he needs to take extra care to protect his hearing.

Starkey has partnered with Gordon to promote healthy hearing and to raise awareness about noise-induced hearing loss.

“I’ve lived most of my life on and around the race track. I love every sound but, believe me, it’s loud,” Gordon said. “If you’re exposed to loud sounds, whether it’s a rock concert or headphones, hearing damage can happen within minutes. And when it does, it’s permanent. That’s why we are encouraging people to listen carefully.”

Did you know that as little as 10 seconds in a loud stadium or racetrack is enough time to damage your hearing? If it sounds loud, it is loud.

You may download Starkey’s Listen Carefully app from the App StoreSM  or Google PlayTM to measure surrounding sound levels and receive a warning that encourages hearing protection when the noise is too loud.


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