Posted by: hlacentralma | January 29, 2014

Boston Globe Opportunity for our HLAA Chapter!

bostonglobeIf you are a Boston Globe subscriber, you will or already have received a letter from the Linda Pizzuti Henry . The Boston Globe is launching a special program where non profits or organizations that have a 501 c3 designation can advertise their agencies/organizations in the Boston Globe. For this advertisements, the subscribers will receive a voucher for you to name the organization and its location.
HLAA-Central MA is asking that you would consider naming Hearing Loss Association of Central MA in Northborough, MA be your designation. This will certainly help us to reach out to people with hearing loss to make them aware of  our organization. This organization’s mission is to educate the members, their families and friends about the causes, nature and complications of hearing loss and what can be done to better cope with their loss. we have 10 meetings a year where we have speakers focusing on specific issue relating to hearing loss and self facilitated discussions among the members to learn new ways of coping, new technology and give the members an opportunity to share their experiences and knowledge of their hearing loss.
Our treasury is small as we rely entirely on donations therefore would love to take advantage of this wonderful initiative from the Boston Globe!  And we are a 501c3 organization.
The Globe says: GRANT enables readers to show their support for non-profits by choosing which ones are given free advertising space in The Boston Globe.The Boston Globe is mailing vouchers to each of our subscribers. Seven-day newspaper subscribers’ vouchers are valued at $100; all other subscribers (including website-only readers) have been sent vouchers valued at $50.

It is up to each of our readers to decide which non-profit deserves his or her voucher the most. The organizations with the highest donations will be able to spread the word about their valuable work through free advertising in The Boston Globe.


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