Posted by: hlacentralma | January 12, 2014

Hearing Loss and Law Enforcement – February Meeting

February 15, 2014   2:00- 4:00, Northboro Public Library

34 Main Street, Northborough

Speaker: Sergeant Joseph Molinari, Nashua, New Hampshire Police Department

molinariSergeant Joe Molinari was one of the 2013 Oticon Focus on People Award Winners. He will talk about his sudden hearing loss after having been on the force for 8 years and how it was a challenge to excel in his job without the ability to hear noises, soft voices and high pitches whistles. Through his determination, he obtained hearing aids and educated his peers and superior officers that he was able to continue to serve as a skilled police officer in his community. As the result of his determination and hard work, he has earned the support and admiration from his fellow police officers.

Joe’s renewed confidence on the job and willingness to stand up to hearing loss is already changing perceptions of what it means to have a hearing loss.  In fact, he is now a resource for people who are concerned about hearing loss but afraid to take action.

Joe is also a positive role model to the kids he coaches in basketball.  Through his example and support, a young boy with hearing loss on his team is now able to “get in the game.”  He has helped the other children on the team to understand how to support that young boy so that they can all succeed as a team.  It’s a lesson Joe is proud to share – on the job or on the court!

Come and hear his story of his fascinating experiences! And also bring your questions as to how to deal with your hearing loss and law enforcement.

There will be CART (Computer Aided Real Time captioning):


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