Posted by: hlacentralma | February 1, 2013

MFA February Films have FM Assistance and Open Captions

All foreign language films screening at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, have English subtitles, and FM-assistive listening devices are available for all screenings.  In February, we’re presenting three films with open captions, and one film will be audio described.

The Straight Line
Sat, Feb 2, 7 pm
Remis Auditorium
In French with English open captions.
Audio described.

The Straight Line by Régis Wargnier (France, 2012, 96 min.). In this vivid French sports drama, a long-distance runner, Yannick, who has lost his sight, agrees to train with Leila, an ex-athlete with a criminal past. More than a coach, Leila is also Yannick’s guide, running in synch with him as he races. Will they take their deepening relationship to the next level and off the track? Discussion with Josh Crary, a marathon runner who is also vision impaired, follows screening. Please use the State Street Corporation Fenway Entrance. This is an after hours event and galleries and other amenities will not be open.
Special ticket price: $10

Body and Soul
Sun, Feb 3, noon
Remis Auditorium
In Portuguese with English open captions.

Body and Soul by Matthieu Bron (France, 2012, 54 min.). This powerful and uplifting documentary follows three young Mozambicans with physical disabilities. Revealing their physical, psychological, and emotional challenges, the film explores how they look at themselves and others, and raises universal questions about self-acceptance and how to find one’s place in society. Discussion with Dr. Jeanne Marie Penvenne, a social and labor historian of colonial Mozambique and history professor at Tufts University, follows screening.
Special ticket price: $4

Me, Too
Sun Feb 3, 2:15 pm
Remis Auditorium
In Spanish with English open captions.

Me, Too by Antonio Naharro and Álvaro Pastor (Spain, 2012, 103 min.). Daniel, a recent college graduate with Down syndrome, forges a strong bond with vivacious workmate Laura. But their burgeoning friendship turns complicated when he professes his love to her. This gripping Spanish drama questions modern relationships and conceptions of “normality” as the couple grapples with their need to connect.
Special ticket price: $4

For more information or to purchase tickets, visit our website at

Valarie Burrows
Accessibility Coordinator
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston | 617-369-3302


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