Posted by: hlacentralma | November 5, 2012

Cochlear Implant Notecards!

Who would think?  For you folks that have cochlear implants and adore what this technology affords you, us, please consider these notecards – notecards celebrating cochlear implants!

I adore snail mail.  I probably write 8 – 10 notes a week, which doesn ‘t sound like much, but I find people emailing back to me expressing gratitude – “OMG! I got your note! That is so cool!  No one snail mails anymore!”  Wrong.  Yes, we do.

Eleanor Roosevelt, Margaret Thatcher, Laura Bush, and others.  Great letter writers.  My father too, and he was very hard-of-hearing.  As he aged, we all starting writing more notes and letters.  These days people call letter writing quaint.  Yes, quaint.  But also  [my opinion] there is more to writing notes:  Quiet time to write with pen upon paper, no electronics, breathing time, no annoying sound, no pop-up ads.  And, you exercise your hands, walk to a mail box, and smile when you drop it in (and don’t say you don’t)  and you double smile when you receive a handwritten note  in return.

Another pleasure is buying note cards.  I am running out, and I can’t wait to get to my next museum trip to buy a box of artful notecards.  Museum shops are the best for all sorts of things, but they always excel in their selection of notecards.

Writing and reading rock for hard of hearing people.  Do you concur? Thank you for reading… Margaret


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