Posted by: hlacentralma | November 1, 2012

Steering Committee – minutes

Attending: Tina Thompson, Gina Constantino, Gloria and Stan Radler, Margaret Myatt, and Beth Wilson


The blog has been connected to the HLAA website.  Margaret will update the blog to add key words to make it more likely to show up in a Google search.

HLAA Leadership Workshop:

Gina shared with the steering team the topics discussed at the leadership workshop, materials she brought back, and ideas for chapter activities and programs.  The workshop provided excellent insight into the HLAA national efforts and was a good opportunity to meet other chapter leaders.  Among the ideas Gina brought back was a a new project to provide outreach to audiologists and ideas for chapter meetings.

Outreach to Audiologists:

Gina suggested that we use HLAA brochures and add stickers to provide information about HLA-CM.  She provided a sample that we reviewed and provided comments.  She will update the stickers.  Tina will order HLAA brochures and material.  We can then have kits to use when connecting with audiologists they know and that they can carry in their car for potential outreach opportunities.  Ellen is developing HLA-CM brochures, but we may want to use these for other venues.  Tina has a list of audiologists licensed in Massachusetts that we can review for potential contacts.

Topics for Programs:

Gina led an effort to brainstorm ideas for future meeting programs:

  • NEADS hearing ear dogs
  • Dragon speech recognition technology (Beth has a contact at BBN)
  • HLAA DVDs (Gina has)
  • Health Care Reform – how it impacts HoH (Tina has a contact)
  • Ototoxic drugs (need to find a medical professional)
  • Balance and hearing loss (someone from Mass Eye and Ear might be good)
  • Emotional aspects of hearing loss (social worker?)
  • Train your significant other (Beth can facilitate)
  • Bring your audiogram – learn how stuff works (Beth can do)

We discussed using an online survey to determine interest and gather ideas.

Upcoming Calendar Items:

  • October 28: Walk4Hearing (Tina has T-shirts with HLA-CM)
  • December 1: Holiday Social with Caption Call presentation
  • December 2: Trinity open captioned performance of Christmas Carol



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