Posted by: hlacentralma | October 28, 2012

2012 Walk 4 Hearing a Success…

Hello and thank you to all the people that supported the “Walk 4 Hearing.”  There were 250  – 300 people walking on a dreary Sunday morning in Boston/Brighton – Hurricane Sandy was moving in. There was a very good jazz band that played gentle music. (Gentle music is important for hearing aid people…)

There were raffles, food, and lots of kids in Halloween costumes. After the announcements – off we went, er…off we walked.  Many teams had brilliant colored tee-shirts, and there was much camaraderie amongst us all.

My take-away was all the little kids with hearing aids and cochlear implant devices.  Whoa.  Massachusetts just passed Bill 52, which requires insurance companies to cover hearing aids for children.   Makes sense, considering insurance companies cover such crazy things as…. Ooh… I won’t get started.

Back to the walk for hearing.  Our Central MA team only had 5 walkers, but we raised over $2,000.    The whole fundraiser raised $65,000.  This is a terrific – lean and mean organization.  The national office in Bethesda is run by twelve (count ‘em, 12) people.  That includes a glossy, professional bi-monthly magazine, support for over 200 local chapters, legislative activism for protection of rights for hearing loss people, and general support to remove the stigma of hearing loss.

Go Hearing Loss Association of America!

see Carolyn and Dwayne (Dwayne is showing rebel hair? Or Halloween hair? )

Margaret embraces a spider – her favorite non-mammal.

Great sign


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