Posted by: hlacentralma | September 18, 2012

Applefest Update – Fun Outreach to the Community

From Tina – Hello all ! Some members of the steering committee ( Tina, Beth, Margaret, Gina and Ellen) all took shifts to man the Hearing Loss of Central MA ‘s table during the Northborough Applefest. We participated in the street fair which was held at the Algonquin Regional High School. Massive construction on Main St. necessitated the re-location.

There was a crisis! Tina arrived with all the materials, but no table! Mind you, Tina is the one that mailed in the application and $ for a spot at the street fair. Tina thought that tables would be provided at the street fair! Guess what? NO! Tina was in such a dither and made a frantic phone call to Beth. Of course, Beth being an engineer, her problem solving mode kicked in and she saved the day by bringing two saw horses and plywood!!! But Beth will tell you that Tina was not in a “dither” when she received the phone call but would describe Tina as having a total meltdown !!!!! Believe Tina when she says she was totally grateful for Beth’s immediate response.

We had a tri-fold display board with hearing loss information and the upcoming monthly activities for the chapter. On the table, we also had more information such as noise induced hearing loss pamphlets, hearing loss journals and membership forms for the national office, Q & A about hearing loss pamphlets and tinnitus.

We had lots of “customers” that stopped by to look at the materials and asked different questions about hearing loss. It was fantastic.

Beth had “postcards made that had the general information about hearing loss and the email address and the address of the blog. We had people asked about strategies in various listening situations, the cost and reliability of hearing aids, how to protect one’s ears in noisy situations and many more!

All in all, it was a successful event and some people indicated that they will come to the October meeting.

The Information about the October and November meeting will be emailed shortly. However we need to tell you that we are flipping the previous arranged topics ~ Beth Wilson will focus on communication strategies in October and Jon O’ Dell will come in November to talk about assistive technology and emergency preparedness as there are updates on that front. We are waiting for a confirmation of the November’s meeting location as the Northborough Library is booked on the schedule date of the meeting.


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