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Steering Committee Notes – July, 2012

The quarterly meeting was held on July 14 th to discuss 5 need areas

1. Outreach– the focus of this need area is to increase awareness and visibility of HLA-Central MA chapter. There were two main ideas. One is that there is usually a collaboration of different clergy in each town that meet on a regular basis. The plan is to create background and press kit and identify a member from various towns to present the kit to their clergy.  Then the topic of HA-Central MA can be a topic at the town clergy meeting.

The other plan is to set up a booth in the upcoming Applefest in the town of Northborough on September 15. This event is huge and attracts hundreds of people. The registration fee has been mailed in and preparation is underway to create materials on hearing loss awareness and to publicize HLA-Central MA. We have 4 people who have volunteered to man the booth. If you are interested in joining us, please let us know!

2. Publicity: There is an on-line calendar for the many of the areas’ town newspapers. Notices will be placed on the on line calendars as well as the towns’ “Patch” website.

Work is being done to create a HLA-CM’s brochure for dissemination.

On-Line Content: we now have a blog to announce various information on hearing loss and events.

3. Upcoming Chapter meetings:  There was a planned meeting for September 15 as that was the only date available for the speaker, Cart and location. However that is the weekend of Applefest and the town will be buzzing with people.

It was decided that the Applefest and the HLA-CM‘s booth will be the September 15’s project. People are encouraged to come! Details of this event will be provided soon.

September 29 2:00. HLA-RI has invited HLA-CM to join them in a guided tour of the Blackstone River Boat Tour. Oticon is sponsoring this event and it is free for those who want to attend. RSVP is needed as the boat’s capacity is 40 people. There will be no CART as the voltage will not support the electrical needs of CART. However the Boat’s captain is working with HLA-RI to determine the capability of the loop system as there is appropriate voltage for that system. In addition, there will be a printed copy of the tour guide’s narration for the participants.

October 13, the topic will be part 2 of Jonathan O’Dell‘s presentation on Assistive Technology. This will be held at the Northboro Public Library from 2-4.

November –the date is TBD. Speaker will be Beth Wilson and the topic will “Train your Spouse and Family”: there will be a discussion to capture effective communication strategies.

December-the date is TBD. This will be a holiday social either at a restaurant or the church

4. New Project– Efforts are underway to work with the Danforth Museum in Framingham to provide assistive listening devices for their guided tours. A meeting will be set up with the Hanover Theater to discuss the needs of people with hearing loss and necessity of hearing access. Hanover is quite willing to meet with us to discuss this topic.

5. Finances:  While we do have a treasury of approximately $5,900, the money is needed for CART expenses, refreshments and supplies. We must find ways to raise funds for these expenses and current/future projects and events.

There is a HLAA”s Walk4Hearing in Boston on October 28. We will have a team for HLA-CM to have the team members raise funds so that a portion goes to the HLAA National Office and a portion will be given to HLA-CM. We discussed the idea of having T shirts made with the HLA-CM logo. Prices will be obtained and shared with the membership so see if people are willing to buy a t shirt. That information will soon be given in a future email to the HLA-CM’s elist.

All in all, it was a very productive meeting. If there are questions, thoughts or suggestions please email to:  This is your group and your input is valuable!

Steering Committee: Gloria and Stan Radler, Marilyn Brigham, Margaret Myatt, Tina Thompson, Ellen Perkins, Beth Wilson, Gina Constantino


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