Posted by: hlacentralma | August 3, 2012

Blackstone Riverboat Tour – with loop system amplifier and micophone!

HLA-RI is attempting to arrange a hearing access riverboat tour of the Blackstone River. See the attached description and the information below. The invitation is also being extended to members of HLA-Central MA. If you are interested in going, email Tina at
This trip is being funded by HLA-RI so it is free for those who attend. The maximum capacity is 40.
The date will be Saturday September 29th at 2:00 pm.
Folks I am working with the Blackstone Valley Tourism Council as they offer a narrated river boat tour. The boat does not have the electrical power to support real time captioning. However the tour company and I are exploring to see if it can support our loop system as the tour guide can use the loop system amplifier and microphone. In addition I have asked that they give us a printed copy of the narration for the people to look at while on the boat which they have agreed to do.
HLA-RI will pay for this one hour cruise on the boat. The maximum capacity is 40 people. I will arrange either for a Saturday or Sunday in September
Please see the description below. I want you to respond to me to let me know this is something you would like to do. I would like at least 20 people to confirm their interest so I can continue to work with the Riverboat company. The company is checking to see if their boat will support the electrical requirement of our loop system.
Please respond to me by Saturday if you are interested. For those who are not familiar with the loop system. it is a assistive listening device where the sound is transmitter from the microphone through the loop which will be place along the three sides of the boat to your telecoil of your hearing aid.

The Blackstone Valley Explorer is a 40-passenger riverboat, the only one of its kind on the Blackstone River. Since 1993, when the boat cruises began, more than 25,000 passengers annually have come from local, national and global destinations to take 45 minute narrated tours along sections of the Blackstone River.

Explore the river that was once called “America’s Hardest Working River” and discover the river’s ecosystem as you learn about the river’s industrialized past, the river’s restoration, and what we are doing to help the river live again.

Central Falls Landing
For Mapquest/GPS, use 45 Madeira Avenue
From Route 146, turn onto Route 123 east to Valley Falls,take right onto Broad Street, right onto Madeira Avenue and a right into the parking lot.


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