Posted by: hlacentralma | June 14, 2012

National Convention – Banquet on Friday Night :)

Hello everyone,

The National Convention of the Hearing Loss Assocation is coming up and it is nearby – Providence, RI, June 21 – 24. The Friday night banquet is on June 22nd, 7:00 pm. Abracadabra, (Sponsored by Contacta/Univox)

Carolyn Tata is graciously organizing banquet tables for us. If you are interested in joining your old, familiar friends and/or meeting new, enthusiastic friends of HLA-Central, MA, please email Carolyn at . She is organizing the table reservations.

Once she knows our table number, you may be able to reserve directly at the website.

But, I would say, safest bet is to email Carolyn.  Also, Carolyn, will there be 2 or 3 tables?

Carolyn, Duane, Tina, Beth, Gina and James Litvak are the start of our tables ~ is table #28 our first?

Carolyn says that if anyone wants to reserve at the table on their own, they need to either register in full for the convention or pay for the banquet evening. Once they do that, they can visit the banquet seating reservation link to reserve at Table 29. The banquet is June 22nd at 7 pm. I hope *you* can join us!,

Frankly, I registered as a member of the HLA, but the convention website did not make it clear to me whether I can go to anything.  Carolyn, I’m emailing you ~ how can I secure a banquet place, or even getting into workshops, for that matter.

Does the convention website allow any ‘actual’ registration for anything?

No matter.  I’m going.  Hope to see you there!   Margaret


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