Posted by: hlacentralma | June 14, 2012

Chapter Meetings – coming up!

From Tina,

Hi all, I went to the library to reserve the room for the following:

For the next steering committee meeting-that is on Saturday July 14th in the small meeting room.

The September Chapter meeting will be held on the 15th from 2:00 -4:00 pm but the setup time will be 1:30. The topic will be, “Understanding hearing loss and its impact on communication”. Beth will be the speaker on that one and I will be her assistant !!!

Jon O’Dell emailed me asking when we want him to come back as he said he didn’t finished his Powerpoint! I think he enjoyed us a group ! The topic will be part two of his assistive technology for people with hearing loss. That is scheduled for October 13th from 2:00 -4:00 pm ( set up time is 1:30)

In the July meeting we can think about advertising these two events and talk about what to plan for November and December.

So please mark your calendar ! Any questions or concerns, please email me!

Thanks, Tina


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