Posted by: hlacentralma | April 1, 2012

March Meeting- Featuring Jonathan O’Dell

Our March 31, 2012 meeting was at Trinity Church, Northborough and featured Jonathan O’Dell, Communication Access, Training and Technology Services Department’s Training Director, Massachusetts Commission on the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.  He gave a detailed presentation on Assistive Technology for those individuals with hearing loss.  He spoke about his work advocating for the hard of hearing in Massachusetts workplaces and detailed the differing technologies available to those with hearing loss and those with cochlear implants.

Many practical devices to help those who are hard of hearing were also brought to the meeting – from vibrating alarm clocks to small personal amplifiers, so attendees could see for themselves all the various devices able to help them lead easier lives.  We also learned about CaptionCall and CapTel phones.  These phones show the words of your caller on small screens, so you can rely on either the spoken or written word of your caller as you listen to the phone. Because the attendees had so many questions and the time just simply ran out. Jon promised us that he will come back again as there is simply lots of information to share with us. Information that can make our lives a lot easier in coping and in communicating.


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